All of these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at competitive rates.  Our services include dispatching the service call, providing any required quotes, all necessary follow-up phone calls and invoicing upon completion.  We use only qualified, licensed and insured tradespeople on all calls.  In most cases, if necessary we are able to respond with same-day or next day service. Below is a list of our most popular services we to stores anywhere across Canada including:

Install new upgrades for monitors & debit machines, repair drawers and doors. Re-laminate counter tops. Repair or replace locks and handles.

Repair/replace storefront sliding grille doors, swing doors, closers, hinges, panic bars

General, small repairs in your store including repair/replace of display tables, cupboards, drawers, bunks, countertops, walls & benches. Ensuring  a safe environment for both staff and customers alike.

Exterior lighting, parking lines, asphalt patch or overlay, sewers, fences, curbs, sidewalks, cart corrals

Repair/replace bulbs & ballasts in hi-bay lighting, pot lights, outlets, contactors, breakers, light switches, price checkers, power poles

Annual fire extinguisher & emergency lighting inspections, repair of deficiencies; replace extinguishers, batteries or lamps and exit signs

Removal of debris from store’s exterior or parking lot areas

Patch/paint of damaged areas or entire stores, paint new colour if corporate colours change, seasonal changes or promotional colour changes; exterior painting for buildings or signage

Repair/replace your store’s hot water tanks, toilets, sinks, taps and drains

Repair/replace your store’s vinyl or laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, baseboards, concrete floors

Repair/replace broken windows, mirrors, door glass, emergency board-ups, display case glass

Repair/replace of your store’s fitting room door locks, cupboard/drawer locks, sliding grille locks, safes, detex units

Interior floor repairs, exterior sidewalks and curbs, brickwork, block walls